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SEO Training

Module 1:

In this module we learn about Initial Site and Target Audience Analysis:

Discussion with client / Q&A about the site, target audience, business etc.
Initial site analysis including Page Rank, link-popularity & search engine saturation analysis

Module 2:

In this module we learn about Search Engine Friendliness Analysis:

Site design, navigation, HTML code and file name analysis.

Module 3:

In this module we learn about Keyword Research and Competition Analysis:

Study of about 200 business specific keywords and short-listing 10 most potential final keyword phrases.

Module 4:

In this module we learn about Content Analysis:

Content analysis based on the 10 finalized keyword phrases.

Module 5:

In this module we learn about SEO Copywriting / Copy Optimization:

SEO copy optimization for existing content of the site including Meta Tags, Alt Text, Title Attributes and Anchor text.

Module 6:

In this module we learn about Site Code Optimization:

Customized optimization of different important pages with 10 keyword phrases.
Creation of targeted, optimized Meta tags. Recommendation of optimized filenames, image names & directory names.
Creation of customized 404 Error Page.
Creation of a search engine friendly site map.
Creation of optimized text-based navigation of the site.
Optimizing inter-linking within the web pages of the site.
Recommendations for controlling content headings through optimized CSS
Addition of robots.txt file for excluded content
Hand-submissions of the Home Page and Site Map to major
search engines and directories:
Hand-submissions to Free search engines & Directories
Submission Report


In this module we learn about Ranking Report:

Detailed Ranking Report after 4-8 weeks of final submission across various Search Engines.
Evaluation of pre-optimization and post-optimization ranking and visibility analysis.

Contact : suresh from more details